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Meet The Maker

Hello! My name is Andrew and I’m the founder and creator here at Bowland Leather.  

Bowland Leather was created out a desire to continue my family history and create high quality durable items that would last and last, not wear out in a short period of time, items I would love to receive myself or give as a gift.

You see my Grandad Bob was a cobbler. He had decided in 1948 to take the huge step of buying a cobblers shop and going it alone. Over the years the cobblers shop became much more and the offering increased to include high quality leathergoods from around the world. When my grandparents retired my mum and dad continued to run the business and during that time I came along. However times change as do shopping habits and after 70 years of trading it was decided that the shop was no longer viable, we were unable to compete against cheaper lower quality imported products.

As you can imagine leather is my life and I just couldn’t think of being in any other trade so Bowland Leather was born.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more. 

Take care



R. MARSDEN Circa 1953

Marsdens Circa 1953